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Custom motorcycle builders questions

Things to consider or points to ponder when building a custom, or modified motorcycle.
With any rake over 40 degrees it is recommended that a girder or springer front end be used. One of many resources for a springer is www.jeris-springer.com

Your height and the type of handlebars you are planning to use may effect the length of the backbone stretch desired. A fun program is www.classic-steel.com

Are fork tubes available for your planned front end? If you modify the rake or upstretch from factory you will require longer fork tubes.  We suggest  www.frankmain.qpg.com for fork tube sourcing.

Is your planned front end going to fit the neck?  We offer 3 of the more popular necks, HD Big Twin 1" for 41mm tubes, Buell/Sportster/Dyna long necks and Honda CB750 1969-1978. Should your front end not be any of these sizes, often a local machinist can machine the centre bolt on the triple trees to fit any of the available necks.

Please let the frame manufacturing company know the type of finish you plan to apply to your frame. In some process’s bending can leave small dimples in the tubing which is not a problem to correct when doing the body work for paint, but if you are planning on chroming or powder coating they are often visible. This is caused by the bending equipment used and under special circumstances the tube may be able to be outsourced for rolling, see custom add ons page.

Axle slots come standard drilled for ¾” Harley axles, and may be expanded to accommodate axles of larger diameters with the use of a dremel. 1" or 20mm axle slots can be chosen as a upgrade and are found under "custom add-on's" on the frames page of the website.

It is much easier to set up the front end correctly once you have received the frame. You mock up the frame, (with motor/trans in it), wheels and front end.  This will allow you to calculate the precise tube lengths  required.  Check out http://www.rbracing-rsr.com/advchoppercalc.html for rake and trail calculations when working with your front end for handling and performance.
Some mounts/tabs that will have to be installed, radiator for some metrics, fuel tanks, oil tank, battery box, rear brake, kickstand, forward controls (except HD big twin – included with frame), seat tabs, fork stops, and I’m sure there are more.  Ideally these tabs and mounts should be installed once the bike has been mocked up and fitted to ensure proper placement.  We are able to help out with some of these mounts and tabs, but require your other components or the parts to do so. See custom add-ons page.
Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the local rules and regulations for registration or licensing of your custom/home built motorcycle. Your frame comes with a manufactures certificate of origin required for custom/home built registration/licensing.
Have a great time with your build!