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Fun Stuff

Grey Shop T - Shirts
Gildan heavy cotton short sleeved T-shirts in sizes:
2 X-Large

$ 15.00/ea.

Cycle One T-Shirt
Cycle One T-Shirt
Cycle One T-shirt
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Clowning Around T - Shirts
Astyle heavy cotton short sleeved T-shirts in sizes:
2 X-Large
3 X-Large
4 X-Large    

$ 20.00 S-2XL/ea.
$ 25.00 3XL-4XL/ea.

Shirt Front
Clowning Around T Shirt - No Stock Bikes
Clowning Around T - No Stock Bikes
Back Side
Clowning Around T Shirt - No Stock Bikes
Clowning Around T - No Stock Bikes

Bugle Horn
PN# TR-493386
Universal mount, for your bike or your childs ride
Be the clown in the circus of life, meep, meep!
Suggested Retail $ 8.95

$ 7.99/ea.

Bugle Horn

Mystical Fire
PN# MY-fire1
Add a colorful glow to your next fire!
Greens, blues, reds, purples, orange & yellows,
Burns for approximately 30+ minutes and will be a guaranteed hit at your next outdoor
get together!
Just toss the packet into the hot coals and enjoy!
Endless ideas for your next paint job!
Suggested Retail $ 2.25

$ 2.00/ea.

Mystical Fire
PN# MY-fire1

Quick Release Buckle
PN# MU02857
Make those helmet straps a cinch, one click and your done.
No sewing required and works on any style helmet with up to a 1" strap
Suggested Retail $ 6.99

$ 4.99/ea.

Fast Hook Quick Release
PN# MU-02857

Wrist Rest
for any twist grip.
Suggested retail 11.60

$ 8.99/ea.

Wrist rest -- universal
MU 42122

Legend Bells
PN# 220238 & 220239
Legend has it that a bell mounted low on your bike will ring and keep gremlins and evil spirits away and keep you safe.
Pewter Bell with zipstip for mounting. Comes with Legend card and Made In The USA.

$ 8.99/ea.

American Flag - Pewer - Made in the USA
American Flag - TR 220 238
Confederate Flag - Pewer - Made in the USA
Confederte Flag - TR 220238
Eagle - Pewer - Made in the USA
Eagle - TR 220238
Celtic Cross - Pewer - Made in the USA
Celtic Cross - TR 220 238
Police - Pewer - Made in the USA
Police -- TR 220238
Flames - Pewer - Made in the USA
Flames - TR 22039
Skull - Pewer - Made in the USA
Skull - TR 220239
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon - Pewer - Made in the USA
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon - TR 220239
Lady Rider - Pewer - Made in the USA
Lady Rider - TR 220239
Support Our Troops - Pewer - Made in the USA
Support Our Troops - TR 220239

Hearos - Soft Ear Plugs
PN# TR 501001
sold in as individual pairs 

$ 1.00/pr.

Hearos - Ear Plugs indivdual pairs
PN# TR 501001

Zans CoolDanna - Nothing beats the Heat better! 
PN# TR 509444/509445.509447
CoolDanna can be used as a headband, necktie, hairband
Just put th cooldana in the supplied pouch with a acouple oz.s of cold water and voila you have a cool tube that brings instant relief for hours and they are reusable!! 
Available in:
Blue lightning PN# TR 509445
Waving US flag PN# TR 509444
Black & pink cancer ribbons  PN# TR 509447

$ 6.75/ea.

Zans CoolDanna
PN# TR 50944/444/445

No Sweat
PN# TR 500999
Beating the heat is no problem with No Sweat each package contains 3 bands 
No Sweat introduces the new game changing swagger for your lid. No Sweat's patented design and Dri-Lid technology is engineeed to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of visiona sweat absorber for your lid, stops dripping sweat, burning eyes, blurred vision, fogged mask or goggles

$ 3.50/pkg.

No Sweat - Lid Liners
PN# TR 500999

Keep your Helmet Fresh with Motorex Helmet Care Active Foam
PN# TR 980159
200ml aerosol made in Switzerland this prouct works wonders!  
Fast - Effective - Antibacterial
Spray on allow to activate and wipe clean. This will work great on any and all helmets, bike, snowmobile, hockey, construction etc.

$ 11.99/ea.

Motorex Helmet Care Actie Foam
PN# TR 980159

Wizards Products
Convenient 2 oz. trial/travel size items
Bike Wash - PN# TR 531782
Bug Release - PN# TR 531780
Mist-N-Shine - PN# TR 531772


$ 2.99.ea.

Wizards Products - Bug Release - Bike Wash - Mist N Shine
PN# TR531780/531782/531772
Wizards Trial Size - Bug Release - Bike Wash - Mist-N-Shine
Wizards Products PN# TR 531780 bug wash - TR 531772 Mist-N-Shine - TR 531782 Bike Wash

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